How to write your application.

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How to write your application. Empty How to write your application.

Post by Linus on Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:14 pm

When you are making an application here please follow theese instructions:

Post some info, your experiences with PW or other similar games, how active you are and why you want to join.

Things you could include:

Name: doesn't neccesarily have to be your real life name, but what you want us to call you
Age: if you think its too personal to give out your age, then leave it out
Nationality: good to know where you live, time etc. This is not 100% obligatory though!
Character name: What is your character called in-game?
Character level: Your in-game character's level
Why do you want to join? Your reason to join us simply
How did you find Illusion? Official forum, friend, google or ailiens told you this is where your supposed to be?
Previous guild: Meaning guilds in this server, guilds on previous servers doesn't matter much
If had a guild, why did you leave? Good to know as we do not want random PK:ers or botters
Experiences: Any good experiences with PW or similar games? We aim for the top and the more you know, the better!
How active will you be? Going to log in once a day? maby only a few times per week? or are you going to be on 24/7?
Other info: Further information about you you think we benefit from knowing

Just listing up this info is good, but making it into a short article with a flowing text is even better when making a good impression!

Since you want to make a good impression on us when joining, DON'T just make a quick post like this:
I wan in..

just making that kind of posts wont get you far.

Hope you understand!
A guild needs to set some requirements for players to join when the spaces in the guild are running low.
As we aim for the top we love players who played PW before, or are natural talents with MMO's.
But this is no requirement! (Almost) Anyone is welcome!

When you have been accepted the thread will be closed in a day or two.

- Linus

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