Need to know if you're joining the right guild?

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Need to know if you're joining the right guild? Empty Need to know if you're joining the right guild?

Post by Linus on Fri Nov 07, 2008 4:50 pm

This is a guild in the PvP server, Wodan.
We aim for the top, to be one of the biggest guilds in the server.
We do not want world domination, however (something people who played in MY knows about with immortaL and Warlord).

It was started by Linus, a regular perfect world player. Started playing PW the day of MY-EN OB launch and been playing ever since.
Been playing as sweet_me in MY-EN Delphi, then sweet! or n00b on some private servers.
Started completely fresh on the PW-MS server and by the time Open Beta started there were little over 100 registered users whereas at least 40-50 were active. The guild was full during Closed beta.

We try to be friendly and helpful and our goal being in the top should not make you feel like you need to rush your levels, even though higher leveled players is always a great asset in a guild. Requirements to join revolve mostly around being a nice player, you do not need to be playing PW as if you were born in it, nor do you have to play 24/7. As long as you think that you like the people, the guild, the server and of course: the game. We do regular TW's, which of course brings in the quest for gears and all that Wink

We have a ventrilo and an active community here at the forum. If you think this might seem like a good deal, then why not write a short application to tell us why we need to welcome you to our family!

- Linus

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